Quality Booth Design Makes a Lot of Difference

Attending trade fairs and expos is a very important marketing opportunity for most firms. It is the one time when you hope to have thousands of pairs of feet in the same place. Therefore it is very important that trade show booth design assists the clients to attract the attention of customers and clients.

Whatever one’s business, a booth at one of these shows or fairs may be beneficial in terms of being able to do some valuable marketing and gaining greater exposure. It is the perfect time to engage new customers and clients, and the booth that one operates from will leave an impression; that is why one’s booth needs to be of great quality as it says something about your business. First impressions last and you may have only the one opportunity to talk to certain clients.

Quality trade show booth design will feature important aspects of design and manufacture. Although traditional practices will never become obsolete, modern ways of design are becoming very popular, which means computers and the internet are starting to play a very important part.

The good designers know where to find information that will help them come up with new, innovative ideas and contemporary designs. They understand that what was impressive in the past may no longer apply and leave a lasting impression in terms of design – in terms of what is considered to be current.

Trends change all the time, also in terms of designs and what today’s younger generation likes. Even their parents are starting to like the newer designs.

Trade show booth design incorporates many new ideas today. The good designers know how to best maximise the software found on the best computer programmes. They can buy the applicable packages – either online or at a computer shop – that will allow them the perfect opportunities to come up with the most outstanding designs for the booths they are working on.

It is also easy to keep the client in the loop at all times and let them tell you what they think of the progress of their booth. Good designers all have access to 3D images and plans these days. Let the client have a look at these as you go along and tell you how they feel.

Important aspects of trade show booth design are apparent in the work of the best designing and manufacturing companies. Not only do they employ all the best design techniques available, but they also come up with their own creative processes in terms of what will work best for every individual project.

There is no such thing a general booth; therefore the designers should make sure they come up with a customised product for every client. This applies to the initial drawings and plans, as well as the finished product with all its accessories such as signs, flags and other small items that will complement the bigger structure of the booth.

With quality trade show booth design the client should feel confident that he or she has employed the services of a company that has experience, knowledge and the expertise expected for the project.

Budgets play an important part in everybody’s decision, but there are often reasons why some designers charge more than others – they often have that edge that makes them stand out and be the obvious choice. Do not always employ someone’s services only because they are the cheapest alternative.

Because some booths are much bigger than others and may require more intricate design features and the incorporation of wood flooring, electricity points and expensive furniture, it is important that the designers you have in mind have the ability to manage such a project.

The best trade show booth design will mostly come from a company that employs experienced designers, qualified assistants and other support staff that will know how to manage the project from beginning to end – from the first telephone call to dismantling and aftercare.

It Is Always Worth It to Get the Best Contractors to Work for You

The moment you have the dates of the next exhibition or show you are going to attend, you should start thinking about the best possible exhibition contractors you can approach to assist you with all your exhibition needs.

Every business that exhibits at trade fairs, public shows and other forms of trade festivals needs the services of a good contractor to help them prepare a good stand or booth. You need to do a bit of homework so that you will find the person that will be best for your specific circumstances and stand or booth.

Often the best are those with previous experience in their industry, but sometimes newcomers have new, fresh ideas in terms of design, for instance.

Exhibition contractors are responsible for parts of, or the whole project, in terms of which a client needs a stand or booth for the event where he or she will be represented. Any business – big or small – may feel they can benefit from attending fairs or shows where the public can talk to them and form an idea what their business is about.

It is the ideal opportunity to market yourself to a wide audience. Therefore a good booth or stand is very important – and so is your choice of the best company for your stand or booth, since you want to make the best impression possible at the fair, show, festival or expo.

It depends on one’s preferences when it comes to renting an existing stand or booth, or whether one wants it to be designed and made. Renting may be the easier option, but a bespoke product always makes the best impression.

The exhibition contractor may want to, if possible, use parts, panels, signs and materials in his possession to come up with a suitable product – but that must be discussed beforehand, since you want a project from scratch. The main reason behind this option would be, obviously, to save money.

It is also important to know what the contractor you choose will be responsible for. When you choose a company for your project, there are some important aspects to consider: Will he/she design the booth or stand, will they be responsible for building it from scratch to finish, will they paint it and affix signs, will they be responsible for transport to and from the venue – and will they store it immediately before and after the event until such time that you can remove it?

These are practical issues which can cause a lot of frustration if not handled properly. Also, ensure you work with an exhibition contractor that can act as project manager to take the stress off your shoulder. You want to be sure this person takes care of every aspect related to the stand or booth he or she is building for you. A good project manager will act as go-between and liaise with all parties such as suppliers and officials at the venue, for example.

At times it may happen that the person or company you employ for your booth or stand may want to sub contract some of the work or project to other parties or assistants who are not on his team.

Your exhibition contractor may well feel he has good reason to do that but you want to be advised accordingly and kept in the loop all the time. The sub contractor may take on responsibilities such as building parts of the structure, or paint it, or come up with the finishing touches – you have to know about this and it should best be contained in any contracts.

When you employ someone for this job, make sure, for everybody’s protection, that there is a written contract in place in terms of all important aspects such as date of completion, materials and payment. Of course it is always best to have the contract drawn up by professionals such as lawyers when you choose an exhibition contractor.